The HeartMate™ LVAD Ambassador Program was created as a way to connect heart failure patients with our HeartMate LVAD Community. Ambassadors volunteer their time to share their personal stories and demonstrate the difference a HeartMate LVAD has made in their lives.

Hearing about life with an LVAD from someone who is living with one can be very impactful. Our HeartMate LVAD Ambassadors and their caregivers understand that being an Ambassador is more than a title – it’s a role that can have a positive effect on other patients and the broader healthcare community.

Physicians: Do you have a patient you think would make a great Ambassador? Encourage them to sign up today. In addition, if you would like to receive the HeartMate LVAD Community Newsletter, please email your contact information to with the subject "Newsletter".

Thank you for your interest in the program!

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